With NO HS Football in 2020 what are you doing to stay on top of your game? If you're looking for a way, How about 9v9!

The U18 9v9 Football Showcase is competitive 9v9 Non-Contact Football, for HS teams and individual players, that uses the normal 7v7 game-concepts but with interior lineman. This type of play will allow all players to experience a more game-like experience in a controlled competitive environment. 

This is just another way for you to perfect your craft! 


  • $25/per player 



  • October 9, 2020




  • OCTOBER 10, and 17


  • 6 Team Limit

  • High School division for U18 Players 9th-12th grade and 1st year University. (must not have already played a university season) 

  • Players will be placed on a team or you can create your own team (specify during registration)

  • 7 v 7 format on a 65 yd wide x 50 yd long field

  • 4 second sack count

  • 15 player rosters!

  • NO Tryouts. NO Drafts. Rosters are formed by "friend" or "coach" request. Single players will be placed on teams with some similiarity and familiarity such as same school, neighborhood, organization, etc. as the other players on the team.

  • All teams must have a NON PLAYER as a Coach

  • ALL coaches will be provided.

  • Games played in the afternoons or evenings on “TBA” when possible.


  • Coaches are volunteers will be provided by EB4 Allstar performance.

Coaches Certification:

  • Safety is our main concern and goal for our players and we want to make sure we have proper and safe coaches.