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Position and Footwork Training

 All Star Performance is a position and footwork training program designed to teach the proper techniques, skills and mindset players will need to be at their very best on  the football field. There are a couple reasons why the players that I train have a high probability of success, 1. What I teach and 2. How I teach it. 


One thing that I have always said over the years is "An Athletes Ability Feeds Their Confidence". That statement is absolutely true in more ways than one.  If an athlete's base is solidly built at the beginning of their training, the faster their confidence will grow. CONFIDENCE is the "JUICE" all of us as parents want for our children! Building confidence at the Quarterback , Receiver and Defensive Back positions, requires the attention of 1 on 1 coaching. There is no way around this fact. 


Time to stop sitting around measuring yourself by what you accomplished during your last season. Instead, measure yourself by what you SHOULD HAVE accomplished with your ability.

Come take the first step on a journey that pushes you to the limit and helps you become the player that coaches warn their teams about.

It's time!


It doesn't get any easier, you just get better!

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 It's not my job to be easy on you, my job is to make you better.


Coach Eddie 


Let's Perfect your craft!

Trust in your craft enough to Admire it, Study It, Perfect It, and Breathe It!

Never stop working and getting better at whatever  it is that you love to do!

Former 13yr Professional  Athlete who knows what it takes to enhance your skills and help you get to the next level.  My mission is to Cultivate, Motivate and Innovate all athletes who aspire to become a technician at their position. I am fully committed to providing the very best training to our Youth, High School and Professional athletes.There is something to be said about training with someone who has actually achieved the goal that you are striving for, I am someone who has actually been there and knows every aspect of what it takes to get there. Simply stepping on the football field with a former professional athlete is something that some young football players dream of. There is an immediate level of respect that is automatic and unmatched, which is something that I takes very seriously. It is this respect that commands the attention of the players who attend my training sessions and camps.


​​"Having played the game at a high level, I developed a unique balance of work ethic and love for the game that was ingrained in me throughout my career. My hope is that I can help develop these traits in each and every player that I coach, while teaching through example and positive reinforcement. I know football development can be stressful and difficult without the proper training, athletes can often create bad mechanics through  improper movement, body control, and hand/eye coordination. I will help you develop your skills and help you becoming a SUPERSTAR"!



Whether you are an elite QB seeking high-end refinement or a beginner just getting started, I help build quarterbacks that play with confidence under pressure and have stronger arm and throwing power with consistent passing accuracy. I help equip my QB's with dynamic decision making and empower  leaders that become people their teammates and coaches can trust. Quarterback training includes work  on all of the following:​

  • Proper Stance

  • Poise in crucial, high pressure situations, the most sought after characteristic is poise.

  • The ability to execute your job with a calm mind.

  • Proper Ball Placement

  • Ball Handling

  • Throwing Mechanics

  • 3-5-7 Step Drop Footwork

  • Game management and Decision Making

  • Development of Sound Foot & Arm Mechanics

  • Improving Accuracy

  • Perfecting Footwork (Passing & Running)

  • Pocket Presence (Evade & Escape)

  • Improving Field Vision

  • Reading Defensive Coverages

With today’s explosive offensive systems and passing games, elite receiver play has become paramount in football. EB4 All Star Performance training sessions prepare athletes in all aspects of receiver play. Our curriculum is based on the EB4 system; Exit, Explode, Extend and Engage. It is a total package and one of the premier positions on the offense. Whether an entry level or elite athlete, all players can expect precise teaching and improved receiver skills. Receiver training includes work on all of the following:

  • Stance and Starts

  • Footwork for precise breaks in route running.

  • Ball Skills and catching drills to more consistently make pressure catches

  • Understanding the DNA of Routes and how to run more precise routes

  • Ball security and YAC (Yards After Catch)

  • Man and Zone coverage releases

  • Understanding space, Stemming Inside and outside to create leverage and separation 

  • Defensive coverage recognition

  • 1 on 1 routes with Quarterbacks

Defensive backs have one of the most difficult jobs on the football field. DB's have to move backwards as swiftly as a wide receiver is moving forward. Defensive Back Training will improve the following defensive back skills:

  • Stance Adjustment

  • Development of Sound Footwork

  • Backpedal Efficiency

  • Breaking on the Ball

  • Zone Coverage Technique

  • Man Coverage Technique

  • Press Coverage Technique

  • Pursuit Angles

  • 1 on 1 routes with Quarterbacks and Receivers

Little GLORY but PLENTY OF GUTS! This is the description of the Offensive Lineman. It’s a position measured by ‘Pancakes’ and ‘Punishing Blocks,’ and this is why the  Offensive Line is the foundation of any great football team. We have seen the shift in the Offensive Line Position. Defensive players are bigger, faster, stronger and the Offensive play tempo has increased dramatically over the years. The days of overweight and immobile lineman are gone, the new age lineman is powerfully lean and possesses impressive footwork, quick hands and athleticism to deliver explosiveness on the field. Offensive Lineman Training will improve the following skills:

  • Stance

  • Footwork

  • Leverage

  • Run blocking techniques

  • Pass blocking Techniques

  • Defensive front recognition


All position training has been postponed until further notice.

Sorry for the inconvenience.









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Christmas Break Camp 2022


Hit me up anytime!